Upcoming Roundtables

Institutions, Governance and Corruption

IEA/World Bank/RIDGE May 26-27 2016, Uruguay
  • Emerging economies around the world face the challenge of building good institutions and effective governance, since so much of economic development depends on having these in place…
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The Economics of Religion

IEA/INET July 10-11 2017, Cambridge
  • While  the  economics  of  religion  is  a  relatively  new  field  of  research  in  economics,  economists  have  made  and  continue  to  make  important  contributions…
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Geography, Transport and Global Trade

IEA/RIDGE/CEP Sep 20-21 2016, Panama
  • This roundtable is jointly organized with RIDGE and the Colegio de Economistas de Panama (CEP). It addresses the subject of geography, transportation and trade and it is organized…
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