IEA/INET | July 10-11 2017, Cambridge


While the economics of religion is a relatively new field of research in economics, economists have made and continue to make important contributions to the understanding of religion.
There is much scope for economists to make a significant contribution to debates about religion across the globe, including its implications for conflict, public goods provision, finance, trade and economic growth.
Current research in the economics of religion is thriving but still focuses more on developed countries rather than on the developing world. This conference aims to redress this gap.
It hopes to bring together a number of economists of religion from around the globe to discuss and debate key concepts and
concerns in the economics of religion.
By doing so, we expect to raise awareness of how economists can contribute to debates about the consequences of religion for society in developing countries.

The conference would be based around 3 themes:

1) Religious Networks

2)  Religious Conflict and Extremism

3) Religion and Political Economy.

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