The 16th World Congress of International Economic Association

Beijing, China, July 4- 8 2011

The sixteenth World Congress of the International Economic Association took place in Beijing, China, on July 4 – 8, 2011, hosted by the Singhua University .

The unifying theme of the conference was “Approaches to the Evolving World Economy”:

“Since the 2008-2009 financial crisis, a refreshed search for viable and sustainable order of the world economy have been discussed by economists as well as by policy-makers. It is widely recognized that the institutional form, developmental stage, and growth of countries’ economies are evolving in diverse ways. At the same time, countries face common challenges such as increasing globalization of economic activity, environmental and energy concerns, demographic dynamics, and the disparity of income and wealth. Investigating these issues and their potential solutions may require a wider range of approaches – not only traditional models of individual rationality, but also the re-examination of social values, comparative, institutional and historical analyses, experimental and empirical studies, interdisciplinary dialogue, and other innovative methods. Dynamic China will be an appropriate place for economists from all over the world to gather and discuss these important theoretical, empirical and policy issues from a global perspective.”
Masahiko Aoki (Stanford University, USA/Japan)
President of the IEA

The scientific preparation of the Congress is placed under the responsibility of the IEA President, Professor Masahiko Aoki, who is assisted by an international Program Committee. The local arrangements for the Congress are in the hands of an Organising Committee. Here is a complete list of the members of the Committees. Moreover, you can find more information on the Webpage of the Congress.