Message from IEA President, Kaushik Basu

Dear IEA Friends,

Welcome to 2019. The last year, following the enormously successful World Congress in Mexico City, in 2017, has been a period of several new initiatives and activities for the International Economic Association. On 18-19 November, 2018, we had a meeting of the Executive Committee of IEA in New York, where we did a stocktaking of what had been done thus far and the road ahead.

Much of this can be gleaned from the pages of IEA’s website. But to give you a quick preview, I may mention that, following the decision taken at the 2017 Mexico Congress, the IEA has now started conferring two sets of honorific titles: Schumpeter-Harberler Distinguished Fellow and IEA Fellow. The Schumpeter-Harberler Fellow title is conferred to a small number of distinguished economists once every three years for life-time contributions to economics and global development. The title of IEA Fellow is awarded to select economists from around the world, with special attention to developing nations, for important contribution to research, dissemination of ideas, and policymaking. We hope these honors will act as impetus for better policies and, ultimately, a better world.

Among the various initiatives of IEA, one of the big success stories is the Research Institute of Development, Growth and Economics (RIDGE). RIDGE was set up by IEA and the Ministry of Economics and Finance of Uruguay, to promote economics research and development. I am happy to see the continued success of RIDGE all over Latin America, with various other regions now toying with initiating similar efforts. RIDGE has in its pipeline several conferences and seminars, including one to be held in May 2019 in Medellin, Colombia.

There are also numerous conferences and roundtables being organized by IEA in association with its member organizations in different parts of the world, from the upcoming event by the Association Tunisienne des Economistes in Tunisia on 12-14 June this year to a conference in collaboration with the Science Council of Japan and the Asian Development Bank in Tokyo in early July, 2019.

While we have been active in research and the dissemination of ideas through the roundtable volumes that Palgrave Macmillan publishes for IEA, the importance of promoting better teaching of economics around the world cannot be underestimated. I therefore take this opportunity to congratulate the work on economics curricula done by CORE, Curriculum Open Access Resources in Economics, around the world, and am glad to have IEA engaged in this.

There is much else for you to read on our web page but let me close by giving you an early news, which is yet to be announced formally. It has now been decided that the next World Congress of the International Economic Association, which happens in 2020, will be held in Indonesia. For the exact location, exact dates and, in fact, the official announcement, you have to wait a little more.

If you have any ideas or comments for IEA, please feel welcome to write to the Associate Manager of IEA, Andrea Cavallo at

Best wishes for 2019