Intergenerational Equity

Hakone, Japan, March 10-12, 2005

Originally foreseen as “Intergenerational Transfer”, the title of the conference had been changed to read as above. The meeting was held at Hôtel de Yama, Hakone Lakeside, Hakone, Japan, under the auspices of the Centre of Excellence Project on Normative Evaluation and Social Choice of Contemporary Economic Systems, and the Project on Intergenerational Equity, both of which are being pursued at Hitotsubashi University under the leadership of Kotaro Suzumura.

The programme covered the following aspects of this large issue:
– Historical, empirical, and philosophical background of the concept of intergenerational equity;
– Intergenerational equity issues among overlapping or adjacent generations, which range over the issue of social security and public pension scheme, education, and capital accumulation;
– Intergenerational equity issues among far distant generations, which include, among many others, the issue of global warming.

To cope with these wide and deep issues, 25 well-qualified experts from economics and philosophy were invited to discuss 18 papers over three days. The Program Committee was chaired by Professor Kotaro Suzumura, and it consisted of Walter Bossert, John Roemer, Joaquim Silvestre, Kotaro Suzumura, and Koichi Tadenuma.

Here you can find the program.