IEA/World Bank/RIDGE May 26-27 2016, Uruguay


Emerging economies around the world face the challenge of building good institutions and effective governance, since so much of economic development depends on having these in place. The promotion of shared prosperity and the battle against poverty require interventions to reach out to the poor and the disadvantaged. Yet time and again we have seen such effort foiled or diminished by corruption and leakage. The creation of good governance and institutions and structures to combat corruption require determination and passion but also intricate design rooted in data, analysis, and research. This roundtable will bring leading researchers from around the world to bring to the table the best available ideas to help create better governance structures, design laws for corruption control, and nurture good institutions. We expect that the papers and the comments that will emerge from this roundtable will help governments and international organizations, such as the World Bank, to promote inclusive and sustainable development.

The roundtable will consist of three sessions

Institutions and History

Corruption and Crony Capitalism

Law and Governance