· As a member you will be part of a diverse federation of economic associations that aims to foster collaboration between national associations in order to achieve a more integrated international community.

· The IEA is committed to the dissemination of research done in the member countries into research networks in the academically core countries. This dissemination can be achieved through a) the triennial congress b) roundtables c) the publication of the proceedingsand d) a working papers series to be posted in the IEA website.

· Because of the global nature of the IEA, it locates its activities, such as roundtables, all around the world. In scheduling roundtables and in choosing participation, the IEA gives preference to its member associations. In fact, most IEA roundtables are initiatives of national associations. Roundtables have in the past beenpublished by McMillan-Palgrave with more than 150 volumes published to date.

· The IEA can collaborate with you in bringing high profile speakers to your national events.

· You will be able to hold Invited Sessions at the IEA triennial Congress. The World Congress provides a unique opportunity for researchers from developed and developing countries across a wide range of sub-disciplines in economics to interact, and brings together the luminaries in the field—including Nobel prize winners and those who likely to win the Nobel prize in future —with many young scholars in lively interchanges that help move forward the state of the art and broaden understanding of on-going advances in economics.

· Your individual members will also receive the full benefits of being members of the International Economic Association, including priority for participation in the events of the IEA (e.g. the Roundtables and World Congresses). They will also pay a reduced registration fees for the World Congress.

· The IEA is governed by a Council, composed of representatives of all Member Associations. Each Member Association can send a delegate to the Council of the IEA, which meets at the time of World Congress.

· We will also encourage your association to be involved in IEA including fostering debates about redesigning the economics curriculum.